About Me

Hello and welcome to my Blog! Charmingly Chandler is all about me Chandler ( a mom of four) and my attempt to navigate through this world while tying my passions and goals all into one. I use this blog to speak on personal stories as well as new and exciting topics. This blog is primarily a mommy blog focused on all things parenting, home, and lifestyle.

Why I Do It

While I do try to uphold privacy for my family, I am also very transparent into what a day in my life looks like. I am a mom of four little ones aged 7,5,4, and 1! I am here to be open about many of the trials and tribulations I have faced. My reason for this is that I believe many other moms have similar experiences and stories to share. In fact, I always encourage and would love for all who land here to share their personal experiences in the comments below.

I try to update this blog at least once a week if not more however, sometimes life takes over and that is not possible. Regardless, I promise to update you all on my life and everyday finds as much as possible.