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How your living environment affects your psyche

From your workplace to your home to anywhere else you spend a significant amount of time; the living environment will always impact your psyche. Various elements within the environment interact with your body, whether you are conscious of it or not. Let us take a look at how this happens.


Sunrays bring a feeling of optimism to a room while bright lighting schemes tend to heighten emotions. Avoid spending time in badly-lit environments. Badly lit does not necessarily mean under-lit but also over-lit areas. Natural light is also scientifically proven to improve people’s moods and should, therefore, be let into your living environment. When designing a living space, give the lighting aspect huge consideration since it will play what is perhaps the largest part in affecting your overall psyche.

Curves vs Hard Edges

You might never have thought that the tables or chairs in your living room affect your moods. Hard-edged furniture activates a fear of sharp objects and in general, appearance seems less friendly. Always aim to have objects with more rounded edges and curves. These instill a sense of comfort and safety in our minds. For existing hard-edged furniture such as living room sofas, make them more soft-edged by adding fur pillows.


After light, color probably plays the second most important role in the way a living space impacts our moods. The paint applied to walls in your living environment will always brighten or dull your moods. Some colors depict warmth while others are cold and serious. Spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms should have these warm colors to help your mind relax.

Making it personal

We always associate places with what we can see that is close to us. It is the sole reason why pretty much every household has family photos, pet photos and so on. Personalize your living environment with items closely associated with you. Get a piece of art and let it hang on that wall, mount an A1 photo and let it sit on that boring mantle, make the space yours. Try to imagine spending days, weeks or months in an empty room that only had your bed, not very appealing, is it? read more

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