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10 Activities Parents Can Enjoy with Babies

Bringing up a baby can be quite daunting and worse still, can get pretty boring for you and your baby. However, it does not have to be so since there are so many activities that you can engage in together with your baby. Most of these are very easy-to-do activities that may just bring that much-desired spark to parenting. Here are a few to help you out;

Form a baby playgroup

A baby playgroup is normally comprised of new moms and dads and their babies who come together and get to help each other out on matters parenting. Being in a group with people who share experiences similar to yours can be greatly uplifting. You, however, need to discuss the exact purpose(s) of the group, the meeting time and places, structure and any minor rules that members should adhere to. The group will also help change your baby’s environment by being in the company of other babies.

Share a bath

You may just find this to be the most relaxing time you spend with your baby. If yours is the playful type, you could incorporate toys within the bath water. Take caution however with the level of water in the bathtub to reduce accidental drowning risks. Suffice to say, always have a grasp on your baby while they are in the water.

Talk to them

This one you probably do all day long. Talking to a gazing kid and making strange sound and noises, sounds familiar, right? Spice things up by talking to them in a different language, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, your choice. Research has shown that babies who are exposed to foreign languages at a young age have a distinct advantage in learning them later in life. Right now, though, your baby won’t understand a thing you say in Swahili.

Watch TV together

An episode of your favorite cartoon show would be a great pastime for you and baby. To make it even better, watch a rerun of your wedding on TV. This creates a memory of that day on your baby’s mind and you might just find them wanting to watch it over and over. If your baby knows some of the people they see on TV, they will even be more delighted.

Visit the pet store

Babies get used to seeing familiar faces of the people around them and their interest can, therefore, use a boost by seeing other creatures. Visiting the pet store with your baby allows them to see kittens and puppies and their movements almost always brings pout that big smile on your baby’s face. read more

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