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10 Best Parental Control Apps for your Smartphone

More and more kids own smartphones in this modern day. While this may be of some benefit, it has created additional worries for parents. Who are the kids talking to? What content are they exposing themselves to on the internet? These and many additional questions created then need for parental control apps. These can monitor kids activities on their Smartphone, restrict or block some content, regulate usage, filter some content and even locate the Smartphone owner’s location. However, there are hundreds upon hundreds of these on the internet and choosing the right one may be quite the task. We have compiled a list of what we feel would be the top ten parental control apps.

#10 – Mobile Spy

This is a $ 100 per year app that supports up to three devices. It is perhaps the best app in terms of logging a user’s activities on a Smartphone. However, the app has various glaring weaknesses such as the inability to set time limits and monitor social media activity. The app also alerts the parent when a number calls the child’s phone, a handy feature, especially for suspicious callers.

#9 – Qustodio Parental Control (iOS)

This is Qustodio’s product for iOS users. The app has great web content filters and a super usable activity timeline. However, unlike its Android counterpart, the app is quite limited and seems quite hard to install. The accuracy of the app’s location tracking is also highly questionable and this is topped with the fact that the app cannot block messages and calls made from other apps other than the inbuilt text messenger.

#8 – My Mobile Watchdog

For $ 14.95 per month, Mobile Watchdog will provide sufficient parental control for your kids’ Smartphone. The app does not allow a new app to run until the p[aren’t has approved it and will even disable an approved app if the kid spends too much time on the app.  However, the app lacks geofencing capabilities and has a somewhat cluttered activity log. Unlike cheaper offerings though, Mobile Watchdog does a great job monitoring texts.

#7 – Lock2Learn

This is among the few free parental control apps to make the list. The obvious advantage here is that the app has no paid content and is free for use for as long as you would like. However, this also means that it is pretty limited in features as compared to other apps. It does not provide any kind of monitoring, no curfew feature and uses much data due to the challenges presented to kids. An additional pack of questions will require a $ 2 payment. read more

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