Ten tips to make your child smart and intelligent

Ten tips to make your child smart and intelligent

Raising a smart and intelligent kid takes concerted effort directed at various areas of the child’s mind and body. A child’s brain grows depending on both the exercise and experience it receives from the senses. Complex interactions making up these experiences make the kid smarter especially once the child is exposed to stimulation of the brain at an early age. Here are a few tips that could go a long way in bringing up an intelligent kid.

1.      Interacting with your child

Several scientific researches show that cuddling, loving and playing with kids reduces stunted brain growth by a large extent. Babies’ brains thrive on attention which makes holding your baby a very important factor towards their intelligence. Other methods of interaction include hugging, talking and playing.

2.      Get your kid to take music lessons

Again, this is backed by solid scientific research. Children who are involved in musical activities tend to be smarter than those who aren’t. Music tends to increase a child’s IQ, albeit by a relatively small margin. It is however not only for kids, music can help older people slow down some of the effects of aging as well.

3.      Reading with your child

Most parents tend to read to their kids and not with them. They will start reading and get on with it while the child just stares. However, this should not be the case. Instead, practice what is known as shared book reading since this promotes early literacy within the child at a very young age. Ensure you direct attention to the words you read so that the child becomes involved.

4.      Give the child ample time to sleep

It is said that when a child is deprived of a single hour of sleep, the effect is similar to two years’ worth of development and cognitive maturity in the kid. Research has found that the academic performance of children was direc6tly related to the minutes of sleep they had. The smartest kids averaged more than thirty minutes of sleep above the average-performing students.

5.      Cultivate happiness

Research shows that happier kids always outperform their peers in school. Raising happy kids is another job altogether but basically involves creating an environment that’s conducive for the kids away from fights, stress, lack and inadequate love and appreciation.

6.      Being in the right groups

These are often known as peer groups. The neighborhood, schools, church, game areas and all places that the kid spends time in affects their intellectual ability. Kids should always be in the company of people and in places that can make them smarter. In this case, the very popular ‘peer pressure’ slogan comes to mind. However, these peer groups are intended to benefit the child as opposed to ruining them.

7.      Have utter belief in your kid

When a child knows that you believe they are bright, they actually become brighter. This was proven by research where pupils were selected at random and termed as ‘academic spurters’. By the end of the test period, the selected kids had gained significant increases in their IQ levels as compared to the control group.

8.      Expose the child to learning and playing

Learning through the conventional means alone will not make your kid any smarter. In fact, it will probably make them dumber due to boredom and depression. Encourage your kid to go out there. This develops the right hemisphere of the child’s brain that deals with arts and general creativity.

9.      Let the kids see you reading

Children tend to copy adult behavior to a very large extent. It is important to let your child se you doing what you expect him/her to do. As much as they may have been unwilling to do so, the fact that they would like to copy you makes a huge difference.

10.  Proper diet

Balanced diets are a very important part of a child’s intellectual growth. Proteins help develop attentiveness, carbohydrates provide the required energy for thinking and fruits improve focusing and attention span abilities.

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