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Ten tips to make your child smart and intelligent

Raising a smart and intelligent kid takes concerted effort directed at various areas of the child’s mind and body. A child’s brain grows depending on both the exercise and experience it receives from the senses. Complex interactions making up these experiences make the kid smarter especially once the child is exposed to stimulation of the brain at an early age. Here are a few tips that could go a long way in bringing up an intelligent kid.

1.      Interacting with your child

Several scientific researches show that cuddling, loving and playing with kids reduces stunted brain growth by a large extent. Babies’ brains thrive on attention which makes holding your baby a very important factor towards their intelligence. Other methods of interaction include hugging, talking and playing.

2.      Get your kid to take music lessons

Again, this is backed by solid scientific research. Children who are involved in musical activities tend to be smarter than those who aren’t. Music tends to increase a child’s IQ, albeit by a relatively small margin. It is however not only for kids, music can help older people slow down some of the effects of aging as well.

3.      Reading with your child

Most parents tend to read to their kids and not with them. They will start reading and get on with it while the child just stares. However, this should not be the case. Instead, practice what is known as shared book reading since this promotes early literacy within the child at a very young age. Ensure you direct attention to the words you read so that the child becomes involved.

4.      Give the child ample time to sleep

It is said that when a child is deprived of a single hour of sleep, the effect is similar to two years’ worth of development and cognitive maturity in the kid. Research has found that the academic performance of children was direc6tly related to the minutes of sleep they had. The smartest kids averaged more than thirty minutes of sleep above the average-performing students.

5.      Cultivate happiness

Research shows that happier kids always outperform their peers in school. Raising happy kids is another job altogether but basically involves creating an environment that’s conducive for the kids away from fights, stress, lack and inadequate love and appreciation. read more

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10 Activities Parents Can Enjoy with Babies

Bringing up a baby can be quite daunting and worse still, can get pretty boring for you and your baby. However, it does not have to be so since there are so many activities that you can engage in together with your baby. Most of these are very easy-to-do activities that may just bring that much-desired spark to parenting. Here are a few to help you out;

Form a baby playgroup

A baby playgroup is normally comprised of new moms and dads and their babies who come together and get to help each other out on matters parenting. Being in a group with people who share experiences similar to yours can be greatly uplifting. You, however, need to discuss the exact purpose(s) of the group, the meeting time and places, structure and any minor rules that members should adhere to. The group will also help change your baby’s environment by being in the company of other babies.

Share a bath

You may just find this to be the most relaxing time you spend with your baby. If yours is the playful type, you could incorporate toys within the bath water. Take caution however with the level of water in the bathtub to reduce accidental drowning risks. Suffice to say, always have a grasp on your baby while they are in the water.

Talk to them

This one you probably do all day long. Talking to a gazing kid and making strange sound and noises, sounds familiar, right? Spice things up by talking to them in a different language, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, your choice. Research has shown that babies who are exposed to foreign languages at a young age have a distinct advantage in learning them later in life. Right now, though, your baby won’t understand a thing you say in Swahili.

Watch TV together

An episode of your favorite cartoon show would be a great pastime for you and baby. To make it even better, watch a rerun of your wedding on TV. This creates a memory of that day on your baby’s mind and you might just find them wanting to watch it over and over. If your baby knows some of the people they see on TV, they will even be more delighted.

Visit the pet store

Babies get used to seeing familiar faces of the people around them and their interest can, therefore, use a boost by seeing other creatures. Visiting the pet store with your baby allows them to see kittens and puppies and their movements almost always brings pout that big smile on your baby’s face. read more

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10 Best Parental Control Apps for your Smartphone

More and more kids own smartphones in this modern day. While this may be of some benefit, it has created additional worries for parents. Who are the kids talking to? What content are they exposing themselves to on the internet? These and many additional questions created then need for parental control apps. These can monitor kids activities on their Smartphone, restrict or block some content, regulate usage, filter some content and even locate the Smartphone owner’s location. However, there are hundreds upon hundreds of these on the internet and choosing the right one may be quite the task. We have compiled a list of what we feel would be the top ten parental control apps.

#10 – Mobile Spy

This is a $ 100 per year app that supports up to three devices. It is perhaps the best app in terms of logging a user’s activities on a Smartphone. However, the app has various glaring weaknesses such as the inability to set time limits and monitor social media activity. The app also alerts the parent when a number calls the child’s phone, a handy feature, especially for suspicious callers.

#9 – Qustodio Parental Control (iOS)

This is Qustodio’s product for iOS users. The app has great web content filters and a super usable activity timeline. However, unlike its Android counterpart, the app is quite limited and seems quite hard to install. The accuracy of the app’s location tracking is also highly questionable and this is topped with the fact that the app cannot block messages and calls made from other apps other than the inbuilt text messenger.

#8 – My Mobile Watchdog

For $ 14.95 per month, Mobile Watchdog will provide sufficient parental control for your kids’ Smartphone. The app does not allow a new app to run until the p[aren’t has approved it and will even disable an approved app if the kid spends too much time on the app.  However, the app lacks geofencing capabilities and has a somewhat cluttered activity log. Unlike cheaper offerings though, Mobile Watchdog does a great job monitoring texts.

#7 – Lock2Learn

This is among the few free parental control apps to make the list. The obvious advantage here is that the app has no paid content and is free for use for as long as you would like. However, this also means that it is pretty limited in features as compared to other apps. It does not provide any kind of monitoring, no curfew feature and uses much data due to the challenges presented to kids. An additional pack of questions will require a $ 2 payment. read more

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